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As a diversified Fortune 200 company providing essential grain, food and energy resources to businesses and consumers, consistent image across all CHS assets is a priority. All CHS locations should have, at a minimum, one CHS-identified 4' by 8' sign. These signs are ordered through the approved sign vendor, Signature Graphics.

The 4' by 8' sign offers the corporate CHS logo proportionately-sized for clear identification of your location. There are three levels of personalized text that can be placed under the logo, following this format:

First line: Identification building function, (e.g., Transportation Terminal)
Second line: Address and City, (e.g. 2222 Railroad Ave, Minot)
Third line: Emergency contact, (e.g. In an emergency contact 111-222-3333)

If you need signs of other dimensions, contact Signature Graphics, at 800-356-3235. To order your 4' by 8' CHS location sign select order CHS decals and signage online using the link below or print the PDF order form and fax to 219-926-7231. In addition, Signature Graphics also provides the DOT door decals for your rolling stock and the CHS logo for your location main entry doors.

Username: CHS
Password: CHS

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